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High Performance Requires Process

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Processes are a prerequisite for high-performance in software engineering teams due to their ability to amplify the skill of the team. I believe there exists no team, given that there is little to no process to begin with, whose performance could not be improved by adding appropriate process.

Ditch The Umbrella And Grab Some Sunnies

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Engineering Managers (EMs) are sometimes said to be “shit umbrellas”. They are supposed to keep all the distractions away from the team: the short-lived whims and fancies of various stakeholders, vague plans that are going to change several times before being solidified — all that stuff. Distractions are poisonous to good software, so hiding them should help the team deliver more and better software. A large part of this is true.

However, I would like to argue here that behaving like an umbrella is probably not a good thing. Umbrellas are shields that block rain. And what are these EMs blocking? Hopefully distractions, but also information and reality.