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Modern OpenGL 06 – Diffuse Point Lighting

— Category: Modern OpenGL Series

This is the first article covering lighting. We will begin our lighting adventure by implementing per-pixel, diffuse lighting with a single point light. In later articles we will implement ambient and specular reflection, directional lights, spotlights, attenuation, and using multiple lights.

Modern OpenGL 05 – Model Assets & Instances

— Category: Modern OpenGL Series

In this article, we will be refactoring the code to be more like a 3D engine/framework. Specifically, we will be replacing some of the globals with structs that represent “assets” and “instances.” At the end, we will have a single wooden crate asset, and five instances of that asset arranged to spell out “Hi” in 3D.

Modern OpenGL 04 - Cameras, Vectors & Input

— Category: Modern OpenGL Series

In this article, we will be consolidating the matrix and camera knowledge from the previous article into the new tdogl::Camera class, which will be a first-person shooter type of camera. Then, we will connect the camera to keyboard and mouse input, so we can move within the 3D scene and look around. This will involve learning a bit of vector math. We will also learn about inverting matrices, which was not mentioned in the previous article.