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OpenGL in 2014

— Category: Modern OpenGL Series

Valve is investing in OpenGL to hedge themselves against Microsoft. Some well-known developers have written about the deficiencies in the API. A few competing, proprietary APIs have popped up. In an effort to remain competitive, Khronos announces glnext: a ground-up rethinking of the OpenGL and OpenGL ES APIs. This post will look at developments in the OpenGL ecosystem over the last couple of years.

Explaining Homogeneous Coordinates & Projective Geometry

— Category: Modern OpenGL Series

In this article I’m going to explain homogeneous coordinates (a.k.a. 4D coordinates) as simply as I can. In previous articles, we’ve used 4D vectors for matrix multiplication, but I’ve never really defined what the fourth dimension actually is. Now it’s time to take a closer look at projective geometry.

Also, welcome back! It has been a while since my last post. Hopefully I will find some time in the next couple of months to finish up the Modern OpenGL Series of articles. The code for article 08 is done, but writing the article will take some time.